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Non Emergency Medical Transportation

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CJ-MAK Transportation provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to the Elderly and Disabled. That may require the use of a wheelchair or other devices that aid them with mobility. We also provide transportation via stretcher for those that mat need to be transported in a lay down position. Our Medical taxi is available for transports for those that are able to walk but just need some assistance from there home or facility to the appointment they are going to.  We are a service oriented company which caters to people in need of reliable transportation services.
We Service

Providing Professional Transportation services for people with mobility challenges.

Our vans are fully equipped with hydraulic lifts
The latest wheelchair securement systems
Navigational devices to get you to the right place
We use the appropriate hands free devices to maintain driving safety
Our vehicles are well maintained and pass all required Department Of Transportation Inspections
All of our drivers meet the DMV Article 19-A requirements including testing and physicals
You can count on us to provide a safe transport with friendly respectful drivers.
   Our clients have used our service for medical appointments to anniversary parties to getting the family together for Thanksgiving dinner and many other events or occasions.  Plan yours with us.
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Important Information for All Medicaid and and Nursing Home Clients!
The New York State Department oF health
Allows you to have the
The Guiding principal of the Medicaid program is that enrollees are free to choose among the participating transportation providers that can provide the medically appropriate mode of transportation
(Wheelchair Van or Taxi)
As designated by the prior authorizing official.
"Choose CJ-MAK"
Where the Medicaid enrollee does not exercise his or her right to chose.
The Facility ( nursing home ) or medical practitioner (Doctor) can make the request on behalf of the medicaid enrollee. This is considered to be an extention of the Medicaid enrollee's right and likewise be honored.
"Choose CJ-MAK"
Where no expression of free choice is made. The medical transportation trips are assigned on a rotation basis to a participating transportation provider by the Department of Social Services
or other trip scheduling authority.
"Choose CJ-MAK"
 If your
"Freedom Of Choice"
 is denied
Contact the - Medicaid Transportation Policy Unit
Ph: (518) 473-2160
Fax: (518) 486-2495
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                   CJ-MAK Transportation
  also provides transportation services
   for Clients not covered by insurance
               Who are "Private Pay"