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Non Emergency Medical Transportation

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Important Information for Medicaid Clients!

Medicaid Guidelines allow you to choose the service provider you ride with.

To experience the best,  ask for CJ-MAK Transportation when you order your trip.
We also accept:
Private Pay
Transportation  Costs
   Ambulette Service       Rate
One Way, Single Passenger Wheelchair (Lift Fee)$26.00
One Way, Group Passenger Wheelchair (Lift Fee)$26.00
Loaded Mileage Wheelchair  $3.00/mi
Stretcher One Way (Lift Fee)$60.00
Loaded Stretcher Mileage     $3.00/mi
Taxi Base (Pick Up Flat Rate )                           $20.00
Taxi Mileage (Ambulatory)     $2.50/mi
Private Pay Transport Examples
1 Way Wheelchair
Customer is Discharged form Newark Hospital and is going home.  The Customer has or needs a wheel chair for the transport.  The Total mileage calculated for the 1 way transport is 15 loaded miles, the cost for this transport is as follows:
15 Loaded miles  x  $2.50/mi  =  37.50
1 way wheelchair lift fee   =  24.50
Total cost for 1 Way   =  $62.00
2 Way Wheelchair
Customer needs a wheelchair and is going to a Dr's appointment 23 miles from Home.  This Customer also requires a return transport back home from the Dr's office.    The cost for this transport is as follows:
46 Loaded miles  x  $3.00/mi  =  138.00
2 way wheelchair lift fee   =  52.00
Total cost for 2 Way   =  $190.00
Note on Group Rate for above 2 Way Wheelchair Transport
If two custormers are transported at the same time for the same location, the cost for the mileage to the appointment is split.  However, each customer pays thier own wheelchair lift fees. So, for the above two way trip the customers would split the 46 loaded miles  but still pay $49.00 each since the trip takes 4 lifts.
1/2  x  46 Loaded miles  x  $3.00/mi  =  60.00
2 way wheelchair lift fee  =  52.00
Total cost for 2 Way Group Trip =  $112.00
Medical Taxi (Ambulatory)
The customer is going to need a two way transport to and from a
Dr's appointment, 9 miles each way.
18 Loaded miles  x  $2.50/mi  =  45.00
2  x $10.00 Pick up fee=  20.00
Total cost for Medical Taxi=  $65.00